My younger (very successful) sister Robin has a lovely home in Westhampton, NY (Long Island), but is working for Disney in Los Angeles.  Her Long Island home is mine for the summer.   How lucky can a sister be?

As a RVer (almost full-time), it is great to have a home base to get things done.  I really enjoy DIY (do it yourself), but it never ceases to amaze me how long a DIY project takes.  When I was a home owner, I always tried to do the job before I called an expert.  I am even more committed to doing it myself, now that I am retired.  I have all the time in the world to figure stuff out.

It only took me “all-day”, 2 trips to the local True Value Hardware store (thankfully only 5 minutes away), to complete today’s project.

I was replacing a very old and rusted recessed light fixture.  Leaving a gaping 11-inch hole.  So, I needed to jerry-rig the hole to install a new outdoor light fixture over the front door.  Thankfully across the street there is a house under construction and the non-English speaking workman were very gracious and helpful.  I needed a 14” 2×4 piece of wood to secure the light fixture.  

Why don’t I take before, during and after pictures; or better yet YouTube videos? 

My summer Airstream/Scout projects are to make new curtains, finish cushions, make a new bed coverlet, re-upholster dinette, replace ceiling fans, and repair kitchen drawers.  Thankfully, I have all summer.  But, I am already feeling the summer is quickly slipping away.  CRAZY.

Regardless, I am a lucky sister.  Thanks Robin!

Lydia and Bruce arrive next week for the PGA Open Golf Tournament, and visiting Bruce’s Mom in Montauk. Robin will be here in mid-June. Lots of fun for 4-of-July, and Yellow Party.  So looking forward to former work colleagues Madeleine and husband Norman, Nanine and Michael, and Alaskan pals Mary Ann & sister Melissa (with Alaska fish).  Ann and Jamie?  It is going to be a very fun full summer.

Dates are still available, so come and visit!

P.S. I have 3 very sucessful sisters.  Becky, No. 1, sister is a realestate mogel in Cary, NC; Kerry, No. 3,  is a wonderful retired school teacher in Anchorage, Alaska and continues to promote early childhood development.  Robin is No. 4. and I am No. 2.

Most of all my sisters are my best friends, we fight and fuss, but we love each other.  I am so very, very lucky.

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